Our Embodiology® Practice

Why Joy Must Thrive

The Embodiology® Method

Embodiology®️ fosters innovation regardless of your field of expertise.

Embodiology®️ recognizes the entirety of who you are; both mind AND body.

Embodiology®️ advances your awareness of bodily sensations, physical environment, intuition, cognitive activity, motor skills and imagination, thereby transforming your creative capacity.

The Embodiology®️ method teaches you how to pay attention to your body. Sensory intelligence is a gateway to knowing, connecting, and communicating with others more effectively.

Our Virtual Manifestation

Joy in Motion™

Joy in Motion, virtual classes, diverse virtual class

Joy in Motion™ - (JiM) is a mind-body practice, which begins with a concentration upon the body's vital motion of breathing. By optimizing the flow of breath, we advance the quality of our thinking and being. Movement stories generate empathy, encourage joy and restore body mind awareness to a state of creativity, confidence and calm.

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