About Embodiology®

Who is Dr. S. Ama Wray?

Dr S. Ama Wray is a TEDx Speaker and Professor at the University of California, Irvine, serving in both the School of the Arts and Humanities.

She received her Ph.D. in Dance Studies from the University of Surrey in the UK. An award-winning artist, working for over 30 years across the Americas, Africa and Europe, Wray has collaborated with seminal artists including Wynton Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin and Nicole Mitchell. She has been a guest professor at many institutions including Princeton, Harvard, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Temple, University of Arizona, University of Ghana, Legon and UC Berkeley. Wray's research led her to examine West African cultures, art and social practices which are at the root of the ubiquitous creativity present in the Diaspora. Dr. Wray is the creator of Embodiology® - a methodology based on West African principles of human communications. Embodiology®’s distinctive breath-informed, rhythmic movement and music concepts have shown efficacy in elevating vitality, wellbeing resilience and creativity. Stemming from this, JiM™ - Joy in Motion – a virtual iteration - was created at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to support everyday people transform their indoor isolation into spaces of ‘co-liberation’. Embodiology® is being taken up by a variety of sectors including health and wellness, education, corporate leadership, professional development and arts organizations. As a public intellectual Wray has been a guest speaker/lecturer at the United Nations, Institute of Advanced Studies and other globally renowned organizations.

Why you need embodiology®

Scientists and Medical Doctors are affirming the efficacy and potential of Embodiology® . These principles are now being applied to different domains to promote human flourishing. Its holistic combining of movement, music, cognition and sensory awareness builds the participants capacity to be more dextrous contributors, leaders and supporters.

Where embodiology® originates

Embodiology® is the outcome of examining ancestral knowledge, originating from a study of performance within traditional West African cultures. The result of action research, Dr. Wray's returns tangible benefit to the community, restoratively contributing to the paradigm of research justice in relation to African practices, moreover indigenous peoples worldwide.

What embodiology® achieves


Build Trust


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Discover Latent Talent

Cohesion & Communication

Bringing Optimism

Invest in People

Problem Solving

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Our Virtual Manifestation

Joy in Motion™

Joy in Motion, virtual classes, diverse virtual class

Joy in Motion™ - (JiM) is a mind-body practice, which begins with a concentration upon the body's vital motion of breathing. By optimizing the flow of breath, we advance the quality of our thinking and being. Movement stories generate empathy, encourage joy and restore body mind awareness to a state of creativity, confidence and calm.