Our Embodiology® Team

Business Advisors

Kishau Rogers

Dr. Carol Penn

Dr. Dele Olajide

Program Directors

Deirdre Lovell

Kristine Manuel

Beverly Bautista

Juanita Unger

Our practitioners

Brandi Dawn Kelley

Lauren Etter

Kosta Kostoryz

Jannet Galdamez

Cyrian Reed

Deirdre Lovell

Smruti Jani

Katherine Wong

Tawanda Chabikwa

Yinka Graves

Tracey Bonner

Noelle White

Jazelyn Goudy

Embodiology® at work

Embodiology® is a registered trademark and as such demonstrates its creator’s social, moral and ancestral responsibility, as an action researcher, to return resources to the Ewe community in Ghana, where its principles were uncovered, each time this work is shared.

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