Ready for the work environment to support flourishing? Are you tired of navigating chronic disruption, stress and anxiety without effective strategies?

The Embodiology® Team, led by Dr. S. Ama Wray, provide targeted movement training to improve mental alertness and wellness, enabling Leaders, Teams and Individuals to thrive.

The Embodiology® Team, led by Dr. S. Ama Wray, provide effective movement training to improve mental cognition and wellness, enabling Leaders, Teams and Individuals to thrive.

Current Experiences We offer

The BIG Return of Employee Satisfaction

Embodiology® creates and facilitates growth and efficiency in the workplace. You don't need to continue with the same and mundane, disruption leads to rebuilding and co-creation.

Your wellbeing is our business

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You've heard about it, now take a look

Join the Joy in Motion™ Community

JiM™ is building a better world - movement by movement. An online service brings Embodiology® into your office or home connecting you into a wider community of moving-thinkers. The community is resourced with material to participate on-demand or live on-schedule.

Embodiology® meets you where you are on your advancement journey; whether you are an individual, corporation, or community... Embodiology® is the “missing link” to expansiveness that transfers across all endeavors.

The Embodiology® Method generates optimal responses to challenges, uncertainty and change.

Questions asked to participants of Embodiology® Workshops

Has this course impacted your thinking?

  • “Yes. The body matters how you feel - changes how you think.”
  • “Decision making. I’ve learned to commit even when I was nervous.
  • “I am more mindful.”

Are there any benefits to this work that go beyond the classroom or workshop?

  • “Absolutely- it (Embodiology®) has integrated into every aspect of my world – even to think through intellectual concepts, I have used my body as the map.”
  • “I feel that I have permission to follow myself, trust myself, play, and express in my life and practice. And to be open to collaborating with others.”

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